Oats Hay



Alfalfa Oats hay has more protein and nutrition than any other hay or grass for your farm animals. It is also called loosen hay. It is low in fibre and requires nothing extra. Right now this hay is in demand for both domestic and international markets for alfalfa hay export. 

Those of you who own an animal farm knows the importance of a great forage. Oats hay is best among all. Our Alfalfa hay supply from our farms. We are one of the top animal feed companies . We don’t involve any third party and provide our customers with the best product. Our highly qualified team members always try to improve the quality of alfalfa hay export. This makes us the best alfalfa suppliers.

We use modern technology for the cultivation, harvesting and bundling of Oats hay. We are trying to become the largest alfalfa hay exporters. With our dedication and top-notch customer services, that day is not away when we will make our mark in the international market.