Alfalfa Hay

Product Specification

Color: Green
-Type: Premium Grade Hay
-Single or double compressed bales
-2 tie or 3 tie.
-Moisture: ~10%
-Protein:~16% min
-Acid Detergent Fiber (ADF): ~25-30%
-Natural Detergent Fiber (NDF): ~30-36
-Relative Feed Value (RFV): ~150-175C
Application / Models
Cattle, Chicken, Dog, Fish, Horse, Pig etc



Our premium Alfalfa Hay is properly cured, baled, and stored to ensure the highest leaf to stem ratio and optimal moisture. Our Alfalfa bales are clean and free from weeds, mold, dust, insects, rodents, rocks, baling wire, or other contaminants. We inspect and grade every cutting of hay to ensure the highest quality of our premium Alfalfa hay. Our years of relationships with Southern Arizona farmers and hay producers and growers means we acquire the best premium Alfalfa available for all horses and livestock. We only work with farmers that are passionate about growing the finest Alfalfa hay available. Our hay is suitable for horses, and other livestock like dairy cows, sheep, goats, and other smaller animals, just add it to any feeder when animals are not on pastures to forage.


Alfalfa is high in protein and digestible energy (DE). For active, lactating, or growing horses, it provides all their nutrients and energy needs. However, mature horses, with lower protein needs, may not need straight Alfalfa hay because of the high protein content. Grass hay or alfalfa mix hay of grass hay, and Alfalfa may supply the proper nutritional value for your horse. If your horse tends to put on weight, it’s essential to control the amount of Alfalfa in your horse’s feeder for their diet. This can be easily done by augmenting their feeding with grass hay. Secondarily, this will add much-needed fiber to your animals’ food, which helps prevent impaction.